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A bone marrow biopsy removes a small amount of bone and a small amount of fluid and cells from inside the bone (bone marrow).  A bone marrow aspiration removes only the marrow. The doctor wanted to find out if cancer has spread to the bone marrow.  After this they will only need to perform one more test before we can learn about the full diagnosis and treatment they have planned.

Because they will be injecting two large needles for into his lower for the back for the Biopsy they will need to use anesthesia to put Anthony under again.  The hospital had these cool R2D2 scrubs they put him into and they started to prepare him for the Biopsy.  Anthony was pretty calm this day and was only afraid of getting more shots.  They asked him if he would like some numbing cream to help with the pain and he said yes.  After 45 minutes the numbing cream was fully active and they proceeded to administer the anesthesia and Anthony fell asleep.  



The whole procedure took around 1-hour and afterwards his back was pretty sore for a few days.  These scares from his Bilateral Bone Biopsy are still here till this day.


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Published: Tuesday, 31 March 2020 20:54
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