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The doctor ordered a CT Scan so they can better identify the mass and also to see if they can identify other areas where the cancer may show up.

They have to inject contrast into Anthony which will help highlight areas within the scan.  The scan takes around 1-hour and he had to lay perfectly still so that the images are clear.  The contrast was the only thing that really hurt.  They have to stick a tube into his arm in which they will slowly inject the contrast.  We then had to wait a little for the contrast to circulate into his blood stream and then they asked for him to lay down so they can start the CT Scan.



What is starting to be painful as a parent is seeing Anthony get so many shots.  This is the third time within a week and half where they have to stick a needle into him.  Accepting shots are starting to become harder and harder on him.  And instead of him taking the shot within a minute I now find myself trying to convince him that he has to get the shot.  In the video you can hear in Anthony’s voice that the shot hurt him badly.  And seeing him cry every time from the shots is starting to take its toll. 

At this point it feels like the days are going by too slowly and I just want them to hurry up and fix my little boy.


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Published: Friday, 27 March 2020 20:57
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