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Fevers during chemotherapy treatment, it’s a medical emergency. Fever may be the only sign that you have an infection, and an infection during chemotherapy can be life-threatening.

The doctors said we must check Anthony's temperature several times a day and if he has a temperature of 100.4ºF (38ºC) or higher we must call the doctor and rush to the hospital.


Anthony's 1st Fever during chemo

April 11th at around 8:00 P.M. Anthony temperatures spiked to 100.4ºF, and we were told to rush straight to the hospital.  They instructed us that if he is acting lethargic then we must go directly to the the nearest emergency hospital.  They also told us to not allow for him to fall asleep during the car ride and try to keep him as responsive as we can.  

As a parent, you can imagine going into full panic mode and all of these thoughts are racing through your mind. You just hope your kid is okay while bad thoughts race through your mind because of how serious doctors tell you this is.  The hospital is a little over 1-hour away from our home so you rush there as soon as you can.


Check in

You finally make it to the hospital and the staff is waiting on you with a room already checked and immediately started hooking him up to a few IV's and the machine to check his vital signs.  They started drawing blood for blood work and from there they monitored his temperature.

Luckily for us, Anthony's temperature started to go down but still stayed around 99.8ºF - 99.0ºF.  The doctors said his temperatures need to stay in normal range for 24-hours before they can discharge us.


Easter and Easter egg hunt

After a few days in the hospital it is finally Easter.  It totally sucks to spend the whole day in the hospital for Easter, but there is nothing we can do besides make the best of it.  We decided to hide a few eggs around the room and take turns finding them.  We managed to completely lose ourselves from being in the hospital and had some genuine fun.



Anthony's temperatures kept on spiking to a fever for several days and all the doctors could do is pump antibiotics into him and monitor his vitals.  The blood work came back negative and the doctors feel that Anthony's body is fighting something from coming to him.  

During this whole stay Anthony feels like himself.  Yet, being stuck in the hospital from April 11th to April 14th really has brought him down.  He was just in the hospital for 4-days last week for Chemo so he only has been home for a few days and because of Covid-19, he is unable to leave his room and roam around.  He is starting to get sad and doesn't understand why all of this is happening to him.


...April 14th they discharged him, but sadly we will be back in the hospital for a few days later on this week for more Chemo treatments. 


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Published: Sunday, 12 April 2020 21:07
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